Briarville Tobacco Pipe Repair and Restoration

Smoking Pipe Repair

The Briarville Story

With the success and popularity of Joe Case Pipes, the next logical step was expanding the shop to include repair and restorations.

Ric Farrah ushered in 2013 by joining Joe Case Pipes to head up the repair and restoration end of the business.

Farrah says, " Since 2011, Joe has enchanted the pipe community worldwide with his quality handmade pipes. Adding to the shop, repairs, restorations and quality estates was the next logical step. I look forward as we expand to provide our customers a valuable new service."

Bringing back to life fine collectible estate pipes is final phase of the current expansion. The Briarville website and Big Star Cigar, Mt. Juliet, TN, are the retailers for these fine restored estates.

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