Briarville Tobacco Pipe Repair and Restoration

Smoking Pipe Repair


No matter where in the world, a client well served is a client for life! 

Thanks guys for your business and your very kind words! - Ric

Quotes Ric, WOW! Just received my pipe and can't describe in words what a great job you guys did. You went way beyond my expectations. Thank you so very much. And you have a customer for life. Roger Flynn Quotes
Roger Flynn - Colorado Springs, CO
Customer for Life

Quotes Ric, Just opened the box and I had to let you know that you did an EXCELLENT JOB!!!! Can't wait to find more estates and send them your way. Kind regards, Daniel Quotes
Daniel - FL
Auction Find Refurbs

Quotes Ric, you did a gorgeous job on my Peterson pipe - it looks as it did 20 years ago when my wife bought it for me while we were in Ireland. Wonderful job, and will send the next problem down when it crops up. Quotes
Ed Darragh
Happy Irishman

Quotes I just received my pipe back today. As always I am blown away! It looks beautiful! Brand new! That new stem is awesome. A totally satisfied customer. Quotes
Keith Hennessy
happy customer

Quotes Briarville - Incredible job with the pipes! Received them today and couldn't be happier. Very well done indeed. Best regards - Loren Quotes
Loren Goldstein - Laguna Niguel, CA
Happy on the West Coast!

Quotes Briarville! Beautiful job again, Ric. Thank you so much. When I get an hour of free time I?m going to send you one of my bent pipes. It has a fang hole right by the bit. You may have noticed I tend to be hard on pipes - David Quotes
David Lombardo - Shorewood, IL
President -

Quotes I received my two pipes Briarville repaired this past Saturday. Wow, they looked great in fact they looked brand new. The new bit you made for the Romano was a work of art. Thanks so much. I also wish you and yours a very merry Christmas and God bless. Fred Quotes
Fred Scarborough - Madison, AL
Stem Replacements

Quotes I submitted my grandfather's old pipe for refurbishment. I wanted it as a gift for my mothers birthday. they were extremely accommodating and got it back to me in time for the birthday. the pipe came out beautifully. thank you. Quotes
Happy customer

Quotes Ric did an amazing job with my Ascorti pipe. The previous owner really abused it so it was in bad shape with a large external burn on the bowl. When I got it back it was like new with the burn completely gone. Amazing. Quotes
Jason Jenkins
Satisfied Customer

Quotes Pipes arrived to me today! Thanks for the excellent work. Beautiful job! I have my 4 best pipes to send next. Quotes
Ed - Pittsboro, NC
1st Time Client
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