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No matter where in the world, a client well served is a client for life! 

Thanks guys for your business and your very kind words! - Ric

Quotes Ric, I just received my pipe back and all I can say is WOW. It shines like new for a pipe that had a few scratches and dings on it as I bought it, now it looks brand new. The broken stem/tenon you would never know was broken to begin with. Not too mention the fact of how you kept me updated the whole time. An overall great experience. Quotes
Mark D. - Yonkers, NY
James Upshall Dublin

Quotes Ric restored my old Kaywoodie Magnum and it looks fantastic! Im not really an artsy guy but I must say, this guys an artist! When my pipe came back it was like night and day from what i sent him, and It is now my favorite pipe! Cant wait to do business again! Quotes
Nick Wright - Bradenton, FL
Awesome Restoration

Quotes I have worked with Ric on many different projects including pipe restoration and converting standard pipes into churchwardens. Ric is the best, hands down! Amazing service, one-on-one consultations, and quick turnaround. Not to mention I have just acquired a 1988 (my birth year) estate pipe through the retail portion of this site and the transaction was seamless. Thanks Ric! Quotes
AJ Brockman - Palm Beach Gardens, FL
Satisfied Customer

Quotes G'day Ric!! I fired up my Stanwell after getting it back and mate, it is a different pipe to smoke now! So easy is the draw and I can absolutely get a pipe cleaner down the stem!! Awesome work mate and it is thoroughly appreciated. Anyone needing pipe restoration should get Ric to work on ANY pipe! Thanks again bud! Quotes
Glen Thompson - King Aroy, Australia
One satisfied Pipe Nutter

Quotes Ric, the old custombilt and Bari turned out amazing. My pipes look like frame up remodeled classic cars. I can't believe how much better you made the Bari turn out, the grain looks perfect and your stem selection was on point. The custombilt had this really heavy deer tongue ghost in it and you managed to remove it, I am very pleased, now I can ghost it with some English blends. I will be a loyal return customer for all my future pipe repair and restoration needs. Thanks! Quotes
Jason Howell- Huntsville, AL
Satisfied Customer

Quotes Ric, wow!! thanks so much the job you did on restoring these old pipes is just fantastic. They finally made to me yesterday evening :) I cant even believer they are the same pipes. The sandblast on the bulldog just gives new life to that pipe. I will make sure to tell everyone so send there pipes to you Quotes
Douglas Witt - Yellowknife, NT Canada
Satisfied Customer

Quotes Ric, what and awesome job you did on this pipe!!! Love it! I'll be sending you some more pipes in the near future. You are the man!!! Quotes
Andrew Parfenov - Denver, CO
Satisfied Customer

Quotes Hey Ric The pipe looks amazing. You did a great job. It was really cool to see you working on my pipe in a video. I was wondering if you take PayPal? Thanks, Derek Quotes
Derek Harmon - Dearborn, MI
Satisfied Customer

Quotes Good Morning Ric, Just a note to say "Thanks" on the recent pipe you did for me. A superb job (I liked the hint of gold accent on the engraved parts - nice touch) and I have been thinking of doing a video for YouTube and would hope I have your permission to mention your work. Thanks again, I don't think the pipe looked that good when it left the factory. Best Regards, Larry Yurkonis Quotes
Larry Yurkonis - St. Petersburg, FL
Satisfied Customer

Quotes Hi Ric, I got the pipe back in the mail a day or so ago. Wow, it looks awesome compared to how it looked when I bought it! I got a chance to smoke it tonight when I got home from work and it smoked really nice. I am really happy with how it turned out, and my pipe smoking buddies were pretty impressed too. Thanks again for all the hard work restoring it! Quotes
Ian Durkee - Lake Stevens, WA
Satisfied Customer
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