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No matter where in the world, a client well served is a client for life! 

Thanks guys for your business and your very kind words! - Ric

Quotes Ric - The work you did on these pipes is STELLAR! You have to be the gold-standard for pipe repair in the USA. Thank you so much. Wonderful work sir, just wonderful. Couldn't be happier. Quotes
Bryan Bates
Refurb & Repair Project - Seattle, WA

Quotes Ric, I just received my pipe today. What a great job you did! It looks like a new pipe. Prompt service. Thanks, T.W. James Quotes
Tommy James

Quotes I received the pipe. WOW! It looks like a brand new pipe. Fantastic job, thank you so much. Warm regards, Abraham Quotes
Abraham - Miami, FL
Refurbish Project

Quotes The Briarville Bundle of 2 that I bought look better than it looked on the website and the draw is fantastic. Thanks again Briarville and to you Ric! Talk to you soon. Quotes
Happy in Canada!

Quotes I submitted my GBD for a broken stem repair. I received it today and upon inspection, I was very satisfied and surprised. My GBD model had a brass oval label on the side of the stem. Since I broke the stem, I did not expect to see it again. Yet, there it is. Polished up and in the right position. The stem matched the style and color that was original. I would not have any problems using Briarville again, nor would I have any problem referring a friend. Quotes
The Cav..

Quotes Hey Briarville!! Fantastic job on my Colm Magner pipe! I really love the work you did on the new stem and the clean and finish on the bowl is superb! I will be sending more your way in the future. Thank you very much. Tim Quotes
Tim Jerome
Stem Replacement & Refinish - Heiskell, TN

Quotes Thank you very much for your work on my pipe! It looks absolutely amazing!! Couldn't have asked for a better job!! Quotes
James Bunnell
Repair Client - Franklin, OH

Quotes Wow. Received the 2 meerschaums yesterday. Absolutely gorgeous. What an outstanding job. Thank you! Quotes
Norbert Salamonski
Meerschaum Collector - Marshfield, WI

Quotes The pipe came in and Briarville did an excellent job. I will use the cards for the many people who call me and ask me where to get their pipes fixed. Thanks very much. Quotes
Raleigh Perry - Buford, GA
Estate Pipe Reseller

Quotes Hey Briarville - the pipes look great and stems fit perfect. Meerschaum stem looks beautiful. Will be sending 2 more pipes soon for stems. Thanks very much!! Quotes
George Greenwood
Repair Client - Hollister, CA
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