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No matter where in the world, a client well served is a client for life! 

Thanks guys for your business and your very kind words! - Ric

Quotes A fantastic job of cleaning up my Dunhill and Savinelli. They both shine and sparkle and smoke like the day they were made. I can't recommend Briarville enough with their awesome service, professional attitude and great artisanal approach. Thanks! Quotes
Adam Z
Amazed in Australia

Quotes When customers bring their pipes into Big Star for repair, there is only one name I refer them to...Briarville. Ric and Ron are magicians with briar and meerschaum. The look on my customers' faces when their see what their repaired pipe looks like is awesome. I stand firmly behind Briarville 100%! Quotes
Tony Benken
Owner: Big Star Cigar Lounge

Quotes Ric,I just received back the four pipes I sent in and they are magnificent! How you got the smell out of the Pianoforte I shall never know, but it is now as sweet as the day they felled the tree. Thank you for a remarkable job, and you have a customer for life. Quotes
Leon de Jerez

Quotes Bought 2 really nice estate pipes from the store. Completely undersold how nice these pipes were. Makes me want to find an old clapped out pipe to send to them for restoration. Great Job! Quotes
Great Estates!

Quotes Have a great bulldog that I picked up from an estate sale, the guys a Briarville turned it into a thing of beauty that smokes like a new pipe! Bravo! Quotes
Scott Dennis

Quotes Sent a bowl I had purchased in to have a stem fitted to it. Ric called to discuss first hand what I envisioned. Got it back and I have a one of a kind pipe custom fitted to me. Even people that know it's a replacement stem say it looks like an original that came with the pipe. Ric sent pictures of the pipe when done it looked like a high dollar pipe from one of the big names. I'm waiting on a Peterson to come in that I picked up used because it had a small crack in the shank. I'm sure it will look like a new one also. For a minimal investment and letting Ric work his magic on it I will have a pipe that will be a smoker for years to come. Quotes
Mark Maples
Happy Camper

Quotes Hi Ric, just a quick thank you for the great job and unbelievably fast turnaround on my Chacom. Rest assured that if I am in need of future repairs or restoration work it will come your way. Quotes
Jerry Campe
Happy Customer

Quotes I just got the pipes back. They look WONDERFUL. You guys did such a great job on them that it would be a shame to smoke them now... Thanks again for the great work Briarville!! Be well, Vince Quotes
Vince Costagliola
Satisfied Client - Howell, NJ

Quotes Hey Ric, I just wanted to drop you a note and compliment you and Ron for a job well done. I sent you a couple of pipes that were in sad shape. I appreciate the fact that you guys are so honest and up front in your business dealings with your customers. I remember at the time the first thing you told me was how long it would take to get the job done and thanks to your published price list, I knew going in what it would cost me. When my pipes arrived back from your shop, they looked like they were new pipes. It was obvious you and Ron make sure each pipe is repaired, cleaned up and is sent back looking like a new pipe. I was so impressed I immediately put all your contact information in my Apple I-Pad and I recommend your shop to all my friends. Please pass on to Ron and your band of merry men, my sincere thanks for all the hard work they did to repair my pipes and that you will get all my repair work from now on. All the best for your continued success, Fred Neslage Quotes
Fred J Neslage. Jr
Happy Customer

Quotes Pipes arrived today. Super job,well pleased. Have a couple more to send you when I can get them boxed up. Quotes
Jim Blair
Satisfied Customer
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