Briarville Tobacco Pipe Repair and Restoration

Smoking Pipe Repair

Getting your pipe repaired is...


  • First - feel free to contact us any number of ways if you have questions...
    • Or by email -
    • Or by phone - (615) 957-7582
    • Or by Skype for a real-time consultation with your pipe in hand.  
  • Now - Type your info into the convenient Shipping Form.  Print the completed form. Pack up your pipes and mail them to the listed address.  We will contact you when the pipes arrive. 
  • Finished - We'll call you when your pipe is ready to be shipped. Make the payment arrangements using using your credit / debit card.  Easy! 

Case Study - Restoring the Stemless Bari

The pictured Bari came to Briarville from South Korea.

This eBay find was a steal but with a slight problem. The lifeless pipe had no stem. There was another issue.  At the time, the new owner was serving America, stationed in South Korea.

With nobody to restore his diamond in the rough, Jason contacted Briarville by email.  With the help of Skype we worked together, oceans apart, to decide upon the new look for this georgous freehand while choosing the perfect replacement stem design.  Jason promptly packaged the stummel and included another pipe which was ghosting pretty bad. He negotiated the appropriate custom forms and mailed the pipes to Briarville. In a few short weeks Jason received his pipes by return post which are now in his favorite rotation.

Here's what Anthony Cannavo from Yonkers, NY had to say...

"Another job that happens to be mine was an eBay find that had issues with the stem. I  placed it in Ric's magic hands and I received a treasure, actually turned out better than I thought and it was his idea to bring out the carving with the stain. Thanks Ric!"
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