Briarville Tobacco Pipe Repair and Restoration

Smoking Pipe Repair

The Briarville Story

  With the success and popularity of Joe Case Pipes, the next logical step was to expand the shop and include repair and restorations. In 2013 Ric Farrah ushered in Briarville by joining Joe Case Pipes.  

  The results were extraordinary and the business flooded in. Farrah's online model of Pipe Repair as Close as Your Mailbox™ eliminated the challenge of finding a Brick & Mortar tobacco store that still serviced tobacco pipes.  

  In 2016 Farrah relocated the shop from TN to the balmy ocean breezes of Florida's West Coast in Palm Harbor.

  Today Briarville has grown into a stand alone entity serving an ever growing client list from all over the globe and the leading pipe repair facility on the Internet.