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Give-Away Details

Briarville is giving away nearly $500.00 worth of stuff to some lucky clients Friday June 1st.


"Hey Farrah", you ask,  "Why call it the May Give-Away if it's in June?" 

Well... good question.  That's because everyone who sends a pipe in for repair all through the month of May gets a ticket with their name dumped into the official Briarville May Give-Away bucket.  One ticket for every pipe in the project.  That means when you finally get around emptying your broken pipe drawer, (we all have one), and send them to the shop for service or repair, you will get a ticket for each pipe in the project.  More pipes equal more tickets and more chances to grab a few of those fabulous brand new Briarville Signature pipes you've been hearing about or a $100.00 Briarville service credit attached to your account.


You see it's a pretty simple giveaway. Every pipe you send for service or repair all during the month, you get a chance to grab some great free stuff. Easy!

Getting your pipe repaired is real easy as well.  Simply fill out and print the Shipping Form  Send everything to the address on the form.  We will contact you when the pipes arrive with an approximate turnaround time and again when the project is complete. We return your cherished companions or family heirlooms or auction finds, USPO Priority, Tracked and Insured, looking and smoking like new.


Now, what are we giving away?

First Prize - Two Signature Series Pipes - Series I and our Latest Series II

Second Prize - Signature Series I Premium

Third Prize - $100.00 Service Certificate

Stay Tuned -


We will be giving away all this great stuff Friday June 1st, 2018 live on Facebook at 1:00pm Eastern Time.  Send Ric Farrah a friend request to make sure you are notified when we go live.  Also, visit and "Like" the Briarville Facebook page to be updated on new announcements.