Briarville Tobacco Pipe Repair and Restoration

Smoking Pipe Repair

General Repairs and Maintenance

General Repairs and Maintenance
 Ream & Clean
 Rim Refurbish
 Restoration Special
 Meerschaum / Antique Curator Clean
 $48 and up
 Rusticate or Sandblast
 $15 and up
 $20 and up
 Reattach Broken Shank
 $20 and up
 Nickel Band
 Briar Plug
 Fill Crack
 $10 and up
 Stem Refurbish / refit/ teethmarks
 Standard Shape Vulcanite Replacement
 Standard Shape Acrylic Replacement
 Freehand Fancy Acrylic or Vulcanite
 Transfer Hardware
 Custom Stem cut from blank
 $30 and up
 Hand Cut Stem from block or rod
 $89 and up
 Hand Cut Stem from SEM Ebonite
 $99 and up
 Churchwarden Stem
 Churchwarden Conversion
 $32 and up
 Peterson "P" lip when available
 Peterson Acrylic Fishtail 300 series
 Bend New Stem
Craft Delrin Tenon Replacement
 Meerschaum Push/Pull Tenon
 Meerschaum Bone Screw Tenon
 $10 and up
 General Shop Hourly / Manufacturing

Prices are subject to change.  Price list effective for all repairs arriving to the shop after 2/28/18